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Refer a client for services and get them the items needed to providers “in a PINCH” when clients cannot otherwise visit themselves.

Providing Immediate Need Clothing Help

Going a step beyond simply referring a client for services our PINCH program gets the items needed to providers “in a PINCH” without requiring the client to access services themselves.

We welcome our local providers and partners to request the items that are needed by completing our online form.  Volunteers will then pack up “in a PINCH” and your order will be ready in no time.

This program is intended to meet the needs of clients who are in crisis, without transportation, or otherwise unable to access services themselves.  Providers can pick up under their own agency name and information; we do not require specific identifying client information for our PINCH program.

Available Items

Clothing, shoes, hygiene goods, sheets, towels, blankets, Back to Work items, backpacks, school supplies (seasonally).

PINCH Request Form